About Us

Granny Flat Leaders is an Australian owned company with an award winning team of in-house designers, builders & trades. We believe in building with the best & delivering quality at affordable prices. We offer our clients a professional experience from start-to-finish.

Granny Flat Leaders draws on 35 years of building experience in Sydney and our team of in-house architects to deliver the most thoughtful and functional Granny Flat designs in the market.

Developed to make the most of every square metre, our range of one, two and three bedroom Granny flat plans will ingeniously utilise your backyard space to its full potential.

Available in a range of exteriors, roof types and finish levels each design can be tailored to suits your requirements, be it a robust and affordable investment through to a top of the line designer granny flat.

Our expert team can also alter any of the standard Granny Flat designs to suit the specifics of your lot and the existing dwelling

Where We Build