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Q. What requirements must I met in order to have a granny flat built on my block?

A. There are different guidelines that must be followed which will determine whether or not construction of a granny flat is permitted on your block. The Affordable Rental Housing State Environmental Planning Policy 2009 is the current legislation, which will determine whether you can build a granny flat on your block.


Q. How big of a flat can I construct?

A. The largest granny flat size is 60 square meters.


Q. Can a flat be constructed in all local government council areas?

A. The answer to this question is “Yes”, but before you build your granny flat, contacting the council in your area to determine any and all restrictions which may stop you from building on your block will be necessary. A Section 149(2) Planning Certificate can be purchased for $53 and most often identifies whether you will be permitted to build a granny flat on your block.


Q. Are granny flats permitted on battle Axed blocks?

A. Yes, provided your block has an access laneway of more than 3m, and measures no less than 12 m x 12 m without measuring in the access laneway.


Q. Can my granny flat be built attached to my home or will it need to be separate from my home?

A. Both attached and detached granny flats can be built.


Q. Am I limited to one of your standard design granny flats?

A. No. Granny Flat leaders has a choice to chose from otherwise we can also customise a design specifically to your specifications.


Q. Can I choose the colours and finishes of my granny flat?

A. Yes. We offer a range of colours and finishes for you to select for the ideal granny flat to complement your home and yard.


Q. Will it take long to gain approval to build my granny flat?

A. We can have your granny flat planned, designed in as little as 20 days.


Q. Can approval for my granny flat be done through a private builder certifier, or is going through my local council necessary.

A. We have a in-house private certifier that can expatiate your approval, provided it is in full compliance with the SEPP.


Q. How long will it take to build my granny flat?

A. We can have your granny flat built in as little as 10 to 12 weeks from start to finish.


Q. Do granny flats come with warranty?

A. Yes, they come with a 7year warranty.


Q. What is the deposit needed?

A. The initial outlay is $6500 for the surveyors and 10% deposit is required, but will come off the total of the granny flat cost. Balanced will be paid on completion.

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